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Having fiddled with the Google Translate app, I've managed to translate each option to the best of my ability.

Do feel free to correct me if I have any details wrong.


System Settings -
Delay Setting: OFF, ON
Auto Replay Save: OFF, ON
Quick Start: OFF, ON


Other Settings -
C Auto Fire: OFF, ON
Attract Mode Sound: OFF, ON
Allow Continues: OFF, ON
Text Display on Title Screen: OFF, ON
Skip Copyright: OFF, ON
Skip Ending: OFF, ON
Quick Restart Setting: Before Ship Select, After Ship Select
Bullet & Ship Color Change: OFF, ON
Show Phase Points on Boss Gauge: OFF, ON
Display Player Hit-Box: OFF, ON
Arcade Sound Reproduction: OFF, ON
Arcade Sound Setting: 2002 VERSION, OST VERSION
Lock on Sound: Quiet, Moderate, Loud
Ship Select Time: 30 sec, 99 Sec
Free Play: OFF, ON


Custom -
Difficulty: EASY, NORMAL, HARD, VERY HARD, SUPER EASY, AC Challenge Difficulty 2-9
Extend: NO EXTEND, 20M - 45M , 30M - 70M, 5M - 15M, EVERY 20M, EVERY 10M, EVERY 5M
Lives: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2nd Loop Conditions: ARCADE, ARCADE + 3, ARCADE + 9, ARCADE +18 NO SCORE

(Conditions: Omote Round - No Continues, Combined use of Bombs & Misses must be 6 or less, True Ending cannot be reached here.

Special Round - No Continues, No Miss/Bombs, Amass a score of 120,000,000 or higher. EVAC Doom awaits those skilled enough with the True Ending upon defeat.)
Suicide Bullets: ARCADE, Active (SPECIAL), Active (OMOTE), Active (Reduction), Active (Major reduction), None
EVAC DOOM on 1st Loop: OFF, ON
Continue Against EVAC DOOM: OFF, ON
Auto Bomb: OFF, ON(Entire Stock), ON(One Bomb)
Bomb Count: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Max Power Up: OFF, ON
Ketsui Bomb Bug - OFF, ON
Shot Power: ARCADE, SUPER EASY, DEATHTINY, 125%, 200%, 400%
Hit-Box Size: Default, Slightly Small, Small, Very Small
Extend Items: ARCADE, Always appear
Chip Drop Flicker: OFF, ON

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