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A few questions about the story(spoilers)


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I just finished this game and really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed the memory mixing and wished there was more of it. The combat took me a little bit to get fluid with but once I got the hang of it, found it quite fun.  Having read all the journal entries and played through the story twice, I'm wondering if I missed something because some things still baffle me.

1. I get how remixing recent memories would work. Olga having just left the hospital, thinking David was dead wouldn't be too tricky. Same with Forlan's fight with his wife the night before.
Scylla's 20 year old memory however is a different matter. Even though her memory of the crash changed wouldn't every other related memory linked or caused by that keep her from such a drastic change? At the least you'd expect some kind of internal memory conflict.

2. I thought the leaper mutation was caused by the toxic environment they were living in but as we see inmates in various stages of becoming leapers in the Bastille that pretty much negates that. Did I miss an explanation somewhere?

3.What happened to Capt. Trace between our first and second encounter with him? Since we only took the codes from his memory Im lost as to what caused the sudden breakdown?

None of these are really important, more of a curiosity than anything.
Any talk of a sequel? or DLC?

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Answers to your questions, what i understood after beating the game for the 4th time (yeah, i really liked and i'm looking forward for a sequel ^^):

1. Edge knew all of them for a long time, he knew what to do to change Scylla's memory and Charlies', how both would react and how Nilin should do, he explains to Nilin detailing exactly what he wanted her to do. Maybe he also knew Forlan would kill himself if he saw her wife dying by his own hands. Remember: Edge was the first errorist and was in this cause for more than a decade,

he was also a HUGE data base: H3O, imagine how much knowledge about people he had

;). As for Olga, i can just say people react differently from each other. Maybe you or i wouldn't react like her reacted, but life is complex. ^^

2. The doctor Quaid explains exactly how a leaper is created. Memory wipe or deletion many times. See Olga's Remix again, notice her husband David's skin and what Doctor's Quaid say about it. David was suffering from the same thing leapers suffer (though it was only beginning). He also says exactly what the leapers say: Flies eating me, flies eating me (or something like that) when you make David nervous on Olga's remix.

3. About Trace i don't know, maybe Nilin took more than just the codes of his mind. She was very upset with him shooting her all the stage long. ^^ But i don't think so, she really looked surprised seeing Trace becoming a leaper when Edge explains that to her.


As for DLCs: just the combo lab so far, i read something about the publishers being sexist and this game was almost cancelled because the main character was female (totally bullshit, i don't care for the protagonist gender, i want a good game). I hope for a sequel, but i don't know if it'll be possible. I loved this game, i'd give more than 7.5 (average grade from reviews) for it. I'd give almost 9, but it's only my opinion.



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I haven't read all the journal entries, only played it twice. But here's my take on this:


1. This thought has occured to me too. The remixing mechanism was quite similar to the one in Asimov's The End of Eternity - a brilliant book, I highly recommend it. I have a feeling, Remember Me's writers got some ideas from there. In the book people changed the history itself, not just memories, but with a similar mechanism: change one very small detail, and the rest comes after that. What I mean, is that by changing the small detail, the whole memory construct changes to fit that detail too. You can see this in action, because you only change something very small, and someone gets killed - you don't change the memory to one of killing, that only gets adjusted to the small detail. In the same fashion, his whole life memory after that will be changed to fit.


2. I assumed, the toxic mutation was just a cover story. Nainphy above explains it better.


3. I also thought, that Nilin took more, than just the codes. When the cutscene played, and Trace yelled "What did you take from me?" I was waiting for the plane to crash, because I thought Nilin rewrote his knowledge of flight. But as Nainphy said in point 2. above, leapers are created by messing with the memories too many times, and Trace might have been just too weak, or this was the final straw for him.

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So I just platted this game, and I don't know why no one ever seemed to notice the massive hole in the plot right at the beginning of the game.

When you remix Olga, you make her think that Doctor Quaid killed her husband during the memory transfusion, and the result is that she now views Memorize as an enemy. Her husband is not really dead, she just thinks he is. And the subterfuge seems like it could be pretty easily shattered, because when Tommy opens his mouth with a comment that could contradict it, Nilin gives him a look that says, "Shut your mouth right now." Later on, when Olga drops Nilin off at the beginning of the next episode, she makes a comment that she has some family business to take care of, presumably involving her husband. Later on she drops Nilin off at the beginning of episode 7, still an ally, commenting that they'll have a drink for David, her husband, when it's all over. Why was Olga still an ally at that point, after she presumably found out her husband was still alive, just sick, and that she had been tricked?

Seems to me like they didn't really think that part of the story through.

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