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Can I use a Ps3 Controller for PS Now ?


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Apparently you can (on PC):



I’ve also done my PS Now trial (on PS4). I love it, I had a lot of fun playing a few PS3 games I never finished properly back in the day. There’s something magical about playing them on my PS4 with my DS4, which I have always liked so much better than the DS3 ?

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You can use a PS3 controller when playing on the PC app. In fact, it's what I am using at the moment. If you connect it with a USB cable, it will work out of the box.


Some features of certain games that rely on the DS4 touchpad might not be available, but those will be few and far between.


Edit: it can and will still be connected to your PS3. So when you press the PS button or disconnect the controller from the PC, your PS3 will turn on. I found no easy way to prevent this, so I just turned my PS3 off for now.

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