Most Memorable Theme Song or Soundtrack? (Plat Cast Topic)

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Hey folks! Hope your week has been good to you! (I've bought too many PS4 games on Black Friday, please send help.)


For those of you that don't know, @ChernobylNinja and I run a podcast titled, "Plat Cast" where we often ask you fine people questions and discuss your answers.


This week, we have a Patreon supporter question, provided by Diego, that we were excited to ask you all! 


"What is your most memorable theme song (or soundtrack) in gaming?"


Let us know down below and everyone that talks about Street Fighter II gets a digital high-five from me! :) 


(Also, make sure to check out our discord over at: https://t.co/ayqM2pr6eq?amp=1


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Final Fantasy 6 theme and soundtrack.

It's literately the very first game soundtrack I went out bought. (well ordered online back in the early 90's)

The soundtrack is amazing.


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My god there’s just too much to choose from, I can’t really say I have a favorite but these games are what come to mind when I think of this question...


Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack 

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater theme 

Red Dead Redemption II soundtrack 

The Evill Within II Ordinary World Cover Song 

Uncharted theme 

The Last of Us Soundtrack 

Assassins Creed II Ezio’s Family Theme 

Max Payne 3 Tears Song 

Skyrim Soundtrack 

Grand Theft Auto IV Main Theme 

The original inFamous soundtrack 

Heavy Rain soundtrack 





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