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I’m stuck at Ezra and I can’t find the key card to unlock his door. I’ve got the force hook and I’m at the door to fight Ezra but after opening magnetic lock it says I need a key card and I have no idea where it is.. I’ve been through the areas three times now it feels like maybe more.. I’m in NG+ and I don’t think it’s different but this is my last fight and this is my last thing I need for platinum.. I just need to kill the fire drone to get my last combat drone and get plat.. please help if you can.. as stated I’ve tried to back track and I killed a lot of enemies to try and get the card to drop but no luck..

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Pretty sure this is a glitch.. I made a backup save but no guide out there shows anyone or talks about a key card for this already magnetically locked door.. it’s the door literally right before the Ezra boss fight, literally the only drone left and I have no way of getting in there due to this unusual glitch..

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There is an enemy who drops this key card in the hospital observation room.. I’ve got a cloud save right before my glitch, which happened somewhere after me progressing warrens quest and obtsaining the force hook.. to me uploading my save to the cloud:. Anyways.. it says I don’t have the key card for the boss room but I can open all the side rooms because I do have the A.I.D. Key card.. my game is bugged.. hope something like this never happens to anyone.. got bugged out of the plat on the last door... wow.. 90+ hours... level 110.. all for no plat... ouch 

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