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trophies thoughts


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If you are a regular chess player this "Noxious Knight Defeat the Black Knight" trophy is very funny, I never thought about this new way to play chess.


And even if you are a novice chess player this platinum is not very hard if you follow a guide.


Don't worry if some trophies seems to not unlock, actually you need to come back to the menu if you want your trophies to appear.

I have noticed that while doing the Chess Puzzles trophies, you just need to complete 60 puzzles, but because trophies didn't show up, and those puzzles are funny and easy, so I have stop after around 100 puzzles, and the 4 trophies (Apprentice, Disciple, Scholastic and Knowledgeable) have appear all at the same time when I came back to the main menu.

Maybe this trophy delay is in whole game but I mainly noticed it for those 4 chess puzzles trophies.


Anyway, have fun!



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