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Help with ascension trophy.


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I ascended, got the in-game achievement for first ascension, but the trophy didn't unlock.


I read around the internet and some folks said it would unlock on the next ascension, so I played through and ascended a second time (both legit, btw), but still no trophy.


I deleted the save file, but my stats were still there when I restarted the game. So, I deleted the save file and the game, downloaded it again, and my stats were still there.


I honestly don't know what to do. I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.


EDIT: I did a hard reset of the stats (options menu), played without time-skipping up to the point where I could ascend again, and the trophy unlocked. This leads me to be believe it has something to do with the time glitch. Maybe the trophy won't unlock if it's 2099, or if it's 2020 and your skills say 300484728 until they refresh.


Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem with the Epic Hero trophy...I hope the other ones unlock using the time glitch and i will just hard reset to get this one i guess....


Edit: I did a quick ascension. Reached level 850 with the time glitch. Then i set the real time and waited for it to go to level 900 and the trophy popped.

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