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Quick trophy guide (Very easy 100%)


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Difficulty: 0.5/10
Time: around 12-15 minutes in total

JP Store link: https://store.playstation.com/ja-jp/product/JP0168-CUSA18751_00-YUREIDOL00000000


1) Start the game and head into the options to set them up like this.





2) Start a new game and make your way through the story (by either reading it normally or by just mashing X or R1, that's up to you) until the background scenery changes to a beach area (Should only take a few minutes if you're doing it the fast way). Now press R2 to create a quick save and continue on until the rhythm game starts. Wait until the first notes appear and then hold R2 + L2 to skip the song and to unlock your first trophy. Continue the story like you did before and the game will eventually end. Once you're back at the main menu, your second trophy will unlock.


3) When you're back at the main menu, head into the options again and deactivate the autoplay feature under the music options on the right (It's the first option with a on/off setting). Then start a new game and immediately press L2 to load your auto save. Continue and once the rhythm game begins, hold L2 + R2 to skip it. Once you're back in the visual novel part, press R2 to create a new auto save. Shortly after this the game will give you two options to choose from, pick one (shouldn't matter which one you pick first) and your third trophy will unlock. Immediately press L2 to load your auto save and pick the other option, which will net you your final trophy.


4) That's it!


Here's a video showing the whole process, starting from the last possible screen you can create your first auto save on. Beats the current record on this site by over a minute.


First trophy unlocks a 00:20
Second trophy unlocks at 03:14
Third trophy unlocks at 04:13
Fourth and final trophy unlocks at 04:20



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