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Time attack... Problem


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So, i've encountered something rather problematic during my hard playthrough (which is ng+) 


First of all, until 5 minutes ago, I did not know u could actually start the TA even if the statues aren't destroyed (I figured I would have needed to beat them before I could TA them, yeah, blame is on me for not trying)

So, what I did was basically playing my  playthrough, and after killing a colossus, I'd immediately do the TA right after, since I found that the easiest way, so I played like that until the 15th colossus, TA 15th, kill 16th, finish the game & hit 'continue' figuring I'd get back at the shrine & TA the 16th & get the Queen Sword


That... Didn't work, as soon as I was back at the shrine, I still kept all my rewards, but all the statues were back up, basically 'continue' means 'start anew', all my TA times were reset back to 0

Now, I do not know if I'd unlock the sword if I would beat the 16th, but I figure I wouldnt since all my other scores were reset




I was lucky myself, managed to retrieve my previous 'automatic savefile' with 14 defeated, 14 TA, so all I have to do is the last 2, thanks ps+ ?

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