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**READ** Trophy Updates and Tips


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Hello everyone, I've been trying to get this platinum, but there's some trophies where people are not sure how it works and the guide does not fully explain.


There's some trophies in which the guide is not correct at all!
I know that the guide is pretty old, but I found out some updates and mistakes.



I'm here to update you about some important information I've found during my playthrough, which should help you get the trophies from Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

King Charming Trophy - Monastery: You CAN get additional REPUTATION on this area later in-game! Spoiler is advised!


The mission "Rocketeer" requires you to get Master Keyser from the Monastery to build the Trebuchet in Talmberg, but there's this guy Peychar, who wants to assassinate him. If you stay inside the stable next to the Custodian's house at midnight, you will see Peychar trying to get in. If he succeeds getting in, he will start fighting with the guard, it's in this exact moment that you should attack him and protect Keyser, and you will get reputation for doing that!

(I'm not sure if you get reputation only for killing Peychar, or if you get also from completing the mission. Anyways, in my case, after getting the King Charming trophy, my reputation with the monastery dropped because of some cumans nearby and, with this mission, it went from 78 to 94!)

Pilgrim Trophy - You NEED to INTERACT with the Shrines, Crosses and Wall Art in-game and the NAMES have to APPEAR, or the trophy will not pop!!! When you go to statistics, go to quest see the counter reach 90 on the "Art Objects Found"! Visit the Churches from Rattay, Sasau and Uzhitz and click the Wall Art characters to make this trophy pop even faster, they counts towards the trophy.

Master Huntsman Trophy - You can't complete "Hare Hunt" and "Cherchez La Femme" at the same time, this is WRONG! For you to get the trophy, you have to FAIL "Hare Hunt", COMPLETE "Sheep's In Wolf Clothing" and then you UNLOCK and COMPLETE "Cherchez La Femme"!

Talmberger Trophy - Another spoiler is advised!


If you killed Andrew to get the Judas Trophy, you can still get this one! Warhorse patched the game, and you will not get the objective from the Quartermaster to go to Andrew on the Siege Mission! You can check the patch here: https://www.wooco.de/kingdom-come-deliverance-patch-notes-1-9-neues-update-veroeffentlicht/



David Horak Trophy - There's a place above Rattay Mill where you can collect 10,000 herbs within 15-20 min. Just focus on Dandelions, you can sometimes pick up 200+ at a time, it will be easy. Click this clip here to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_PJz4S3pwg (All the credit goes to the author of the clip)


Thanks for the guide anyways, but I felt the need to inform about this.
Be patient and careful guys! 

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