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Trophy list fell back to 0%?


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Okay so, we moved into a new house the other day and we don't have internet right now...and now that we're on lockdown we're not sure when we will. 


Anyways I decided to use this time to get the last trophy in Boderlands GOTY, which is for the large Angelic Ruins in Moxxi's Underdome. But after loading the game up, and checking the trophy info to make sure of which one I needed, it's now saying my trophies are back to 0%. 


When the time comes that I finally get internet again, will this be a problem? Can I still earn that trophy and get my 100% when I can sync? 


I've never seen this happen before. I finished the new DLC in Borderlands 3 yesterday and it's saying it's at 100%...I just don't want to earn this trophy while it's at 0% and it won't count when I have internet again.

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