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The Dad-Liest Jokes Ever - Hints?


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Does anyone have any easy way of farming for this trophy?

It seems that for the most part you have to have the enemies down to a low margin of HP

before this ability will kill them, and most of my hits usually kill the enemy well before they can get that low...

Not sure if farming early game is better than late game?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Read the description of the skill. It will say Insta-kill on enemies below 10 Health (or something like that), for example, depending on the level of the skill. And in the level, if you hold o, you see how much health every enemy has, so you can plan in advance. In later levels, when I would kill most enemies with one hit I had something equipped that did poison damage, so I poisoned the enemies and waited till the poison got them below the threshold - you may have to waste some turns for this...

And yes, enemies below the threshold have a red crosshair on them!

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Thanks all...i was aware of the cross-hair for insta-kill and it definitely is accumulative....my issue was i always seemed too strong to actually get them to a low enough HP to where i could kill them with a joke. i was hoping to find a good place to farm....i did finally got the trophy the other day...easiest thing for me was playing until i got the Kill 10 enemies with Inst-joke Challenge..it put me in a room with pretty weak rats that could be killed easily with it...i also kept my weapons weak...once i got the 10 for the challenge it gave me a bonus to where Jokes do 20 damage to the enemies...after that it was easy to spam...



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