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PSA About Shadowbringer FATEs

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For those that want to continue playing the game, and not just get the plat, I thought it might be helpful to know how the FATE system gets changed in Shadowbringers.


Once you get to Shadowbringers, you get a currency called Bicolor Gemstones for every FATE you complete, which can be traded for various things. There's a gemstone vendor in each area, and in order to unlock their entire stock (by raising them to level 3), you have to do 60 FATEs in that area. There are some vendors that only sell to you once you've gotten all areas to level 3. There are 5 areas, so in order to unlock all of the vendors you need to do at least 300 FATEs. Then of course if you want items you'll likely have to do more.


This may change in the future, but as of posting, that's how it works. So if you aren't just going for the plat, you're best off waiting until Shadowbringers to grind out FATEs for the trophy. That way you can get something beyond the trophy for all that grinding.

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