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This game has broken me !!

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Ok i'm fifty this year and gamed all my life. This game has now joined the list of games that are killing me !!! Hardcore mode is so tough. Currently bribing one of my kids to complete game for me. Guess i need to play more hidden object games :-)   My gaming skills such as they were are going :-(

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On 2020. 08. 01. at 9:14 AM, KL_Archive_One said:

Its not that bad.  Get the Halberd or sword and game is easy.  Walk toward the enemy until they start their attack animation.  Take one step back, then step in as their animation ends and attack once or twice.   Rinse and repeat.  Works on bosses as well.

Did the same strategy but ohboy, the serpents are fast w good range and their boss is something else.:D Yet, I'm on normal, so far still it is the best way.

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