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Online trophies

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Hi. There are a few online trophies for this game. Which are not so bad. 


Need to play one player match and also win one. 


Play ranked. Play 10 ranked matches. And the reach Level Blade E rank. 


To reach Level Blade E rank. You need 6000 points. Boosting is easy since online is dead. And best way to do it is to take turns winning like 3 each. 


Use Altina for this and just spam 6C.

Support don't matter. When selecting her be sure to pick 999 when you get the option. 


You should try to stay same rank. Each win should give you 248 points. 

Good news is once you reach a rank you won't lose it :)


Also another trophy to win with an item works only online. Can't use item offline. 



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