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Faction Questions


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I completed the Wastelanders questline and sided with Crater. Looking for some information to get my factions up.


1) How many daily quests are there for each?

2) Where do I pick them up?

3) What time do they reset?


Edit: Here's what I know so far.


Raiders: There are two initial daily quests "Retirement Plan" and "The Importance of Communication" that award rep up in Crater. You only get 1 to reset each day. 

You can also find another rep up daily at Ohio River Adventures by talking to Fishbones. 


Foundation: It seems that there is only one daily quest called "Vital Equipment" each day. You can also earn rep for raiders depending on the choice you make at the end, but be warned it lowers foundation rep if you do.


Neutral: There is a daily from Davenport at the Overseers House called "Photo Opportunity." You pick the Faction you want to spy on and sell the photos to the faction you want to earn rep for.


They reset at 8 pm EST.

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I know there are 2 for crater.

1. swaps between two raiders who alternate days

2.one on the left side of the map there is a small raider base along a river. I forget the name. you turn in mirelurk meat or eggs. For repuation only I think

1 for either

 davenport who is with overseer will task you of taking pictures of either foundation or crater. you can sell those photos to the faction you want rep with

1 for foundation

the one in foundation is a guy who gets you to track down stolen equipment (if its a regular raider you can let him get away for raider rep)

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