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How long does this game take to complete now?


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  • 2 years later...

Paraiso Island took me two hours but I wanted to play it blind. Five things that would have made my playthrough faster, which I didn't know about at the time.


1. Dropping a tool (machete, fishing rod, or shovel) and then picking it up again restores its integrity to 100%. I spent time unnecessarily farming coins to replace broken tools. 

2. Shark Gang Puck (western side of island standing an outdoor tables) sells a large fish for 100 coins. One quest requires a large fish, but with Shark Gang's large fish, it is not necessary to fish for one. The fishing mechanics in this game are hyper-fast and clunky, which make catching a large fish extremely difficult.

3. If you are going to use Manual Setting to change the date six times to unlock the Week's Worth of Bonuses trophy, close the game before you change the date. I ran into issues with this. Collect the daily bonus by pressing touchpad and navigating left, putting the arrow on the daily bonus and pressing X. Close the game, go to the XMB, System settings, Date and Time, Manually Set, change the date, confirm. Reopen the game, press touchpad, navigate left, claim daily bonus, close game. XMB, System settings, Date and Time, Manually Set, change date, confirm. Rinse and repeat a total of six times. 

4. If you own any of the DLC, there is free furniture available to you. This helps with the redecoration trophy, as well as allowing you to use your old furniture to complete quests. Press touchpad, navigate right, and click on the DLC you own (Day of the Dead or Carnival). 

5. If you own the Alien/mysterious stranger DLC, he will ask for a golden tool. Once you obtain a golden tool, the alien only wants to look at it, not take it from you. You still have to do the inventory exchange with him, but the item will be returned to your inventory upon the quest completion.

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