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Trophy Guide

Dex Fragg

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Hey pal! First of all, great job on that guide :) it is really detailed!


My 2 cents...


You don't need to complete the NPC side quest (trophy wise) to go for the post game cards, so you can omit that step and still get all cards (provided you finished the game and can roam free with the Swap Broom).


Another thing that you should be aware of is that during your Step 4, 100% Clear will pop BEFORE the All Broom or All Heath trophies, due to the glitch.


Let's suppose the last thing you need for 100% Clear is a broom, and that broom is also the one that should pop the All Broom trophy, then 100% Clear will take priority and pop first. Then, those 2 trophies will be out of order (that happened to me on an alternative account) and you will have to start a new game for All Broom to pop.


This happens because you don't need to finish the game for the 100% Clear to pop (even though it is in the description of the trophy). In that sense, I think that Step 4 in your guide is not clear.


This was my workaround...

- Get everything except 1 broom and 1 health and SAVE.

- Get 1 health (All health trophy pops)

- Close the game app (without saving!)

- Open the game again, you are still missing 1 broom and 1 health.

- Get 1 broom (All Broom trophy pops)

- Save and close the game

- Open the game, you are only missing 1 health

- Get 1 health (100% Clear pops)


Again, great guide, everything else is really good and detailed!

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