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Bosses, trials, tips thread


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Thanks for putting together this information, VirtualNight.  It is actually pretty difficult to find all the information needed to be successful at these trials due to a lot of the videos being removed.  It is incredibly time consuming to learn how to be successful at these trials from scratch in 2020.  There is a ton of stuff to know to even get a carry successfully as well because unlike NGS2 there is no invincibility glitch to abuse.  Simply being capable of killing many of the bosses isn't good enough for the hardest MN/UN trials either... you need to be able to do it without taking a hit most of the time.  For some trials you also need to be efficient with your kill speed too because your partner is having to kite aggressive bosses like Fiend Genshin, Alex or Liz in a small room.  Without a carry from someone who has done these trials already, this is easily one of the hardest hack n slash games to 100%.

It also doesn't help that the 360 degree inputs for the scythe in trials mode are really strict in NG3 for whatever reason.  I have no problems inputting them in single player or in Razor's edge; however, they don't come out right sometimes for me in NG3 trials causing Ryu to do his standard triangle attack instead which is horribly slow.

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Thanks to VirtualNight for the gaming session! Thank you that despite my mistakes and stupidity, you went all the way to the end with me! This platinum is 10 years long! The most difficult one on my list. And although I knocked out some of the Gaidens on my own, Ng3 stands apart. People who know how to play these are real maniacs! Maniacs in a good way. I'm wildly jealous that I can't do it like they do.

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