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1 hour ago, BLACROWS said:

I have won 31 race events and the road d, but the invite events were not unlocked. Does anyone else have this problem? or am I doing something wrong to unlock them

Invitationals open correctly for me (I guess), challenging is the problem.


I have only 2 challenging events open yet. One for winning (30?) races with a Nissan and the one for winning the Road B World championship (well.... actually I got the latter one by winning the Road B Special Championship, but that's the unlock description). All other ones for the championships are locked (and I'm only missing Road A, Hypercar, GT A and GT Open).

I'm actually trying to unlock the other 5 with car specific win conditions.

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1 hour ago, Kasowicz said:

Acabo de comprar el acceso a eventos inventacionales 5x con dinero y reinicié el juego. Entonces el trofeo se abrió. Luego volví a cargar la copia de seguridad, porque conseguir dinero es un verdadero dolor de cabeza para mí.

I also bought 5x events with money but the trophy was not unlocked for me
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The trophy for invitational events popped for me after I unlocked the fourth one...  I really enjoy the game but a patch is crucial.  All the objectives «Complete a lap under xx:xx» won't unlock for me for race events, only for Hot Laps and Pace events... I know there are only a few, but it's still annoying.


Objectives from championships don't count, so the only way to pop the Challenge trophy is to play on 1.0 which is impossible for those who bought digital and this version is very unstable to say the least.


All those white pixels caused by reflection are so weird too.  If I mod a car, the PIR will be displayed correctly in the garage but not in the screen before starting a race.  Lots of flaws but still, I'm enjoying it so far!

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