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London's burning problems


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Yesterday I platinumed Vampyr. I really enjoyed the game and, apart from the game crashing, didn't encounter problems until the last trophy: London's burning. After a search on the internet I discovered there are some requirements for this trophy popping not included in the description of said trophy, while the description in the trophy guide being vague and/or incomplete (you decide). 

Apparently the district, apart from being hostile, has to be beyond repair. This means all civilians must be dead or missing thus the status of this district is at 0%. Also, you must have made a decision about the fate of the pillars from a district. This means you cannot earn this trophy before the end of chapter 5. It doesn't matter if the pillar of a district is dead or alive in any way.
In my particular case, Whitechapel was hostile but stuck at 40%. All other districts were already at 0%. Restarting the game didn't help. Killing more civilians did help (I killed about 4 more, 8 in total).


I hope this helps some people who are struggling to get this trophy or, like me, are stressing because the trophy wouldn't pop.

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