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Hello PSNP!! Welcome TwilightSpira! From your old friend Mah2c


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Yay, so the finally day has come. 

I guess if I ask what is? Everyone will immediately say, yesss PS5 launch, right?


I guess you guys are correct, buttt 1f60b.png today is also yours truly birthday, and guess what I got at 1AM today 



I guess I’ll have a wonderful birthday even though I’ll provably be alone here in Toronto with my pug, as travelling is not suitable for now. 

Also I wanted to record the beginning of the game in order to check the quality of the recordings and oh wow



I’m so ready for this new generation, and by also having the happiness of being on my birthday, what a day to be alive. 

The controller is breathtaking. 

Also say hello to TwilightSpira 263a.png Mah2c had a good run. Thank you for everything 


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On 2020-11-23 at 0:16 PM, x_Sw4ggYDuD3xx said:

I love your new name ID!



Thank you, I actually did a homage with some of my favourite games 

Kingdom Hearts Twilight Town and Spira from Final Fantasy X 

9 hours ago, Reinachii- said:

This is an incredibly lonely thread. I feel so alone after reading this.

I know, thanks for stopping by. 

I guess my new ID didn’t resonate well, my old Mah2c was the main guy. 

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