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(Solved) Tales of Xillia 2 Field Marshall

Leon Castle

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I know how you set up the Arte shortcuts and that they need to be in the party and has full/almost full TP. but the question is how the hell do I use those Arte shortcuts in battle. They only work then I play as the party members I set Arte shortcuts on and not then I'm play as the lead character. in other words then I play as Millia and want Jude/Leia/Ludger to use their Arte shortcut and put the right analog into :right:/:down:/:left: direction nothing happens. but it works if I play as Jude/Leia/Ludger.


So what did I do wrong? is there certain button/s I need to press before right analog In Battle or is there some settings in Strategy I need to change?


So far Field Marshall was the only title of the Battle Challenge Titles I have no idea how to do but somehow I was able to give orders 5 times which was long ago.


*Found out the Arte shortcuts had to be on Millia.

to add the party member's Arte to Millia's Arte shortcuts, I had to press R1 whlie choosing a Arte to set a party member's Arte into the Arte shortcuts and then it worked.

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12 minutes ago, Xylobe said:

If you have other party members' artes assigned to the right stick, it should be as simple as tilting it in that direction while they're in the battle.

Found out I had to put the other party members' artes on Millia and not Jude/Leia/Ludger. Now I feel like an idiot for not understanding that.

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