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Ruined City Underground Mistle Progress Bugged?


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I'm working on finding all mistle for the associated trophy and feel fairly certain that my progress for Ruined City Underground is bugged. I've popped the four fast travel mistles and the two smaller ones, for a total of 6, but am stuck at 83% (5/6). Is this a common issue? Does anyone know of a fix to this?


Edit: If it helps, the bottom left of the map is not filled in.

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4 hours ago, Blaul_Part said:


That's what I had meant by the two smaller ones, sorry for the lack of clarity. I do have those.

If that's the case that only thing i can think of is to move on to next cycle and reactivate the mistles. the left bottom corner should be revealed by the natural cavern mistle, theoretically.


Sorry couldn't be any of help. 

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