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PSA: Providential ring via Sparkly the crow


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while rings cant be dropped, the sword can. You can trade a Large Sword of Searching with Sparkly the Crow in 4-1 to obtain the ring. The sword is obtained by upgrading a +8 curved sword with the Hero Demon Soul at Blacksmith Ed. Note: The Large Sword of Searching has to have been created from a SCIMITAR and not just any curved sword.


does anyone have one of these swords?


via reddit: 




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Okay I've tested this out by creating the sword with all of the possible base weapons. The only one that Sparkly accepted was the Scimitar. All the others (Claws, Broadsword, Flamberge, Shotel, Falchion, Kilij, Uchigatana, and War Scythe) were rejected.

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