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Stuck reloading


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I'm at the start of chapter 15 and I am stuck in a loop of the starting mission cut scenes. Any one know how to fix this? 


Edit: to resolve this issue I had to use chapter select and reload from chapter 14 and continue from there.

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21 minutes ago, MadMardigan_88 said:

I had all kinds of glitches with that game.  DLC was even worse for me.  I never had cut scene keep looping.  Maybe restarting the game.  Or if it comes down to it reinstalling the game.  If I remember correctly the cutscenes are unskippable.  I could be wrong.  Hope you can get past it.

I have restarted the game and the PS4. I am currently reinstalling the game. The cut scenes are skippable but when I spawn after the cut scene my clothes are gone and then It restarts the chapter. 

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