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Terrible, Terrible Online Connection


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As it says. Unless you want to become apoplectic don’t play this game for a while. Just had 8 straight games disconnect me. And it’s definitely not my internet as numerous other games and streaming services are working just fine. Happened on other days too - you aren’t credited with anything.

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17 hours ago, Hakan95_ said:

i have same problem before, when im changed my İnternet settings NO problem after changed, never dont play with a Wi-Fi connection, always play with a LAN cable

I’ve had to repurpose my LAN cable for home working unfortunately, and I’m not buying another 30 metre cable just for this one game; all others are fine over WiFi, even streaming via ps now doesn’t bring problems. This game seemingly just has connection problems recently. Worked fine for weeks but, I presume, they have changed or downgraded something their end.

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