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4 hours ago, Betrigan said:

Does anybody know what carries over? All I need left for the platinum is the potion tree and the last few forge upgrades. 

If I start new game plus to run through things and get materials faster, will I keep the same levels I have for the tree/forge? 

Yes, you will keep your potion and forge upgrades. Pretty much everything carries over, all your upgrades, skills, armors, skins, and mounts, so if you missed any upgrades/collectibles in your first playthrough, you can definitely continue from where you left off in NG+.


I think the only exception is quest progression. The quest item menu was empty when I started my NG+, so everything was wiped clean. I killed 3/4 mythical bosses in my 1st playthrough (well I did kill 4/4 but the game glitched and didn't track one kill). Had to kill all 4 again for the trophy.

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