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Triple anniversary achievement


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Hi, I wanted to show off my recent "achievement", but maybe I should start with the backstory first.


So, on the last day of 2019 I completed Life is Strange (started it a few days earlier and immediately fell in love with it), the endings left me absolutely devastated, but also fulfilled at the same time and then I said something like "Sooo, now I know what my 100th plat will be". That was my 59th platinum and I didn't know what was coming in 2020, I was planning to earn 100th plat on my birthday in April 2021, but then Covid happened. Last year I spent maybe 4 months in school instead of typical 9-10 so I had a fuckton of time to play games.


Somewhere between August and September I came up with an idea to make LiS's platinum the trophy promoting me to level 27, so I prepared a list of right games to play, but, of course, something like a month later, they announced the new level system. I corrected the list and got a little surprised and glad, because it came out, that instead of ugly 27, I would get a nice and round 400. At the beginning of December I knew that I would hit 100 before 2021 without problems, but then another great idea came to my mind: plat LiS on the same day as the first time. But the more I was thinking about it, the more I was like "Why to limit myself? Plat it on the same exact friggin' second you idiot".


And now the best part: I synchronized my watch with PS3 time, checked if trophy time is exactly the same on PS3 and PSNProfiles, while playing LiS I was checking delay between "button press", "journal photo icon" and "photo trophy pop" as well as delay between "start-of-episode-end-loading (wtf?) and "finishing episode trophy pop", and finally I datermined duration of the last scene so I knew when to press the button for the last time. In the last minutes before the "second of truth" I was shaking like a freak, but after pressing the button I sighed and enjoyed the ending. Some time later I checked PSNProfiles and I fuckin' succeeded. A banana grew on my face and, I promise, that was the biggest banana I have ever had.




Have you ever spent (not to say waste) time on doing such thing?

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