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Game is kind of bad.


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The delay on using your weapon and if you die having to watch NPCs fight when you die makes me really hate starting this game. Also if you try to jump up the tower but the NPC is below you the camera angle it gives the person in the lead is obnoxious. I don't know how many flaming things ive hit because i can't see but an inch above my character because im above the NPC. >_> The crap is that.


Edit: I just clipped a match where I had one NPC standing in the middle not moving and one running to the left forever. Had to wait for one of them to get hit by fire. After one lost the game froze. >_> All progress with that character lost.

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Just recently went for this myself and I feel for you. The amount of times I couldn’t see above me due to the too low NPC wide camera and got knocked by a flaming piece of debris had me raging. Luckily each campaign run isn’t too long so the game is more annoying, tedious and buggy than it is actually difficult.


Best of luck in getting through the remainder!

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I only played this because I was looking for a quick platinum on PS Now so I wasn't expecting much but it still managed to stink. And stupid me didn't read through the achievement roadmap fully to know that you had to beat the game with all characters in one sitting to get all trophies so I had to replay one of the character's missions.

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