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Infamy Level 10 / Platinum are Bugged for me


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18 hours ago, Erkawest said:

Just a heads up, this trophy delaying thing might be a problem if 3 trophies are popped simultaneously in the PS5 version of Maneater. I saved infamy level 10 for last, which also unlocks "all evolutions" trophy since the last lvl 10 infamy boss will reward you with the last evolution if you saved it for last.


So since the final boss had the last evolution and also pops infamy level 10 trophy (and these are your last), these seem to glitch out because you will get 3 trophies (all evos, infamy 10, platinum). It's just a bit annoying but is not really a problem since PS5 will update after an hour. 


If people want to avoid this, don't save the infamy 10 for last trophy


Edit: I just noticed that it's a glitch for me on PSNP now too, it says 100% but if you view the trophies, the infamy 10 and platinum are not green or have dates for me..


I popped 3 trophies at the same time on PS5 last night, but not these specific trophies.

I got Garbage Collector (all license plates), Entertained to Death (complete Caviar Key), Queen of the Ocean (complete all regions). There was no issue with syncing and I was able to update my PSNP normally.

.. Once I finish Infamy+All Evolutions+Platinum, I will report back. I hope there's no problem.. I had zero bugs/glitches so far.


EDIT: Yes I just got the platinum with all 3 trophies at the same time, everything updated normally

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