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I was looking into possibly getting this a few months back but wasn't sure of server status. I went to go grab it from the store today and it seems to be gone. 

I know it was there back in October. 

I really need to just do things when I think of it / this isn't the first old PS3 game I meant to grab but didn't and lost out on. 

The digital age really sucks. 

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9 minutes ago, Elk_mistral said:

The game is not delist... you need to go on the store on ps3. All the PS3 game as been remove from the new store. 

It does not show up with an option to purchase it there, either. It shows the game but it has no price. 


Edit: Not sure why my storefront doesn't show the price but if you tab over to where it "would" be, you can still select it. I don't know if that's a known thing - but I have not come across that yet. 


Its still there, apparently. 


This whole storefront situation is terrible. 

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