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"Living On The Edge" Assistance... Please?


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So this is the last trophy I need for the platinum and can't for the life of me figure out how to get the 3 edges in an innings.

I am playing the strongest team (England - 83) vs. the worst (Nepal - 57) and 20 overs in cannot get an edge. I am playing a first class game to try to get as many deliveries into them, but of course, with no urgency, the batsmen just leave everything alone.

I have replaced all Nepal's batsmen with bowlers. I have a full cordon of 5 slips and a gully. I am constantly bowling at or outside off-stump with outswingers with James Anderson and Stuart Broad. Nothing is working. They either leave the ball alone or play a shot to point or mid off. If I drift to middle or leg with the outswinger to try to swing the ball to off and force a shot, they play it to the onside where I have no fielders because they're all in the slip cordon.

This is kinda frustrating because Level 25 players on Nepal shouldn't be surviving balls from Level 80 guys like Jimmy and Stuart.

So clearly it's my deliveries that are the issue. What line and length should I be bowling and what speed? I've varied it all over the place but never know if THAT was the right delivery or if to consistently bowl that one and the edge will come eventually.

Can anyone help? Please?

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6 minutes ago, Bouchkilele said:

Can anyone help? Please?


I'm new to cricket, but here's what I gather:


An edge is when the bat doesn't make a proper contact with the ball and instead glances off the edge of the bat. This often results in a chance for a catch for the wicket keeper or another fielder behind the batsman.



Worked best for me using spin bowlers. I used South Africa v Big Ant Black, bowled good length balls with flight. I adjusted sliders for custom difficulty also so that strike timing was set at 0.


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