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Trophy Hunter's Nightmare


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First and foremost the game is enjoyable and neat to see the DS4 features incorporated, and by no means is it difficult. The story is a straightforward adventure with deeper subjects adddressed, kudos for that.  However, from a purely trophy hunting stand point; fixed camera angles, inaccurate platforming, poor check point system, and unskippable cutscenes make this a rather annoying/tideous platinum to chase. In my opinion it over stays it's welcome a bit as well.

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Just platted this one yesterday, after having abandoned it for some weeks after finishing it. It was just too much to handle at the time with all the confetti and stuff. 

First of all, this is a great game! Love the originality, love the 'mechanics', the fact that everyone's game is unique in its way. Music and sceneries are on par as well.


As a trophy list, I admit it is a bit nerve-racking at points (mostly when doing the misplaced gophers - feel that the in between saves that ruin your run are the ones being misplaced) but it's not a bad list. Tedious more than 'hard' but in the end, if you're missing one confetti or scrap, it's just you didn't look closely (happened to me quite some times - like on the 5th run just seeing a couple confetti just in the middle and I'm like, well how the hell haven't I seen you the previous four). 


Got a bit crazy towards the end, fearing of not finding the last pieces to 100% but I did enjoy it overall. Think it's worth a try to plat it.

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I actually didn’t think this one was too bad. I’d recommend it to most people as it’s quite a unique little game, and also has the most creative use of the Dualshock 4 features that I’ve seen in a game so far. There were a couple tedious and frustrating moments, but then again this is pretty par for the course when you’re talking about platformers. 

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