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Chap 15/16 glitch wont fix


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So ive platinumed Alien Isolation twice, on ps3, and ps4. Ive been running through the Japanese port and i saved one shot for last. Well, i knew theres a glitch for chap 15/16 where you load back into the transit after the anisedora sequence and then cant use the r3 button.ive never had it happen during my 2 plat runs but on this port I had it happen on my 1st playthrough. I did the fix where you just reload chap 15 and dont save and it worked. Now, its happening again but none of the methods are working. Does anyone know if i just load mission 16 and play through that without dying if my one shot trophy will still pop? Or will that void it since it wasn't a consistent playthrough?

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