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Backed-up saves don't work after turning off console


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 So using the guide method, I uploaded my save to the cloud after every finished stage, to avoid losing progress after every death (and those were plentiful). I managed to reach around stage 12-13 and I turned off console and went to sleep. Another day, I boot up, I'm thrown into stage 1. I upload my cloud save, I'm at stage 1. I delete current save and upload cloud save, I'm at stage 1.


 Basically, after turning off console, your backed-up save becomes worthless, so you need to do it in one go.

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Sorry to say, but this should not happen, and I am certain it is impossible for your uploaded save to get corrupted, especially on PS+ Cloud. Turning off your console should have nothing to do with it.


Backing up the save works perfectly. You must have done something else while you were hurrying. You probably either downloaded a save while wanting to upload it, or uploaded a save while wanting to download it.

Since you stated that you booted up the next day and you were at stage 1, that probably means that either you forgot to download the backup save after dying or quitting without saving, and then, as you stated, you uploaded the cloud save after being at stage 1, which probably has overwritten your save with the one that was reset.


I'm saying this because it happened to me multiple times when I was frustrated and hurrying to upload/download, as I have platinumed Dig Dug and the Pac-Man games as well, and this happened to me a couple of times while I was hurrying.


This game specifically is a steaming pile of hot garbage, but that's accurate for all arcade games from the dark ages.. And combining that with impossible trophies/achievements that force you to waste 50% of your time backing up saves. My condolences to each and every gamer that were served these stupid and cheap arcade games in the 80s and 90s. These games were made difficult and stupid intentionally to make you spend your coins more. In my opinion, they have no place in modern gaming today. Fun is the opposite of what one experiences.


This one especially, in comparison to Dig Dug, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man is the WORST of them all. You will spend 70% of your time reloading your save because the stupid "bullets" that you fire have a non-existent collision box of -1 pixel. That, in combination with only "two bullets" on the screen at once is a recipe for the most frustrating and disgusting game ever made. I honestly have no idea why and how people legitimately like something like this.


This game is the pure definition of cancer. If you are frustrated from the whole situation, I suggest you take a long break and come back when you feel fresh and ready to be shat on by this steaming pile of arcade garbage, and be grateful for the fact that we don't live in the 80s and 90s, surrounded by such vile electronic media called "Arcade" lol. Yuck.


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