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For the kraken dlc you need to reach a point in the story to unlock it, the extra weapons are probably in the mall where you can buy it 

Edit: the weapons dlc can be in a enemy, at least in the first surge you could find dlc weapons in some enemies don't know about this one because i just bought the kraken dlc 

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3 hours ago, Titanomachy_75 said:

I got all DLC with the game but I have no clue where to use it? How do I get access to my DLC gear and weapons??

Pretty much what rwd1997 said. The DLC items are carried by enemies in specific locations and you have to defeat them to get their gear. As far as the Kraken DLC goes, you can't access it until you beat a specific boss, (name in spoiler tag) about half way through the game.


Major General Ezra Shields


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