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CE-33105-2 error when trying to save?

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Haven't had any issues with this game up until this point. I just started one of the somniums:




And all of a sudden, I can't seem to save. I've been rotating between 2 manual saves and when I tried to overwrite one at the start of the somnium, it popped up with error CE-33105-2. I tried creating a brand new save, same thing, this time it still created a save file but it had a blank image and no other info other than the time/date it was created. It also wouldn't appear when I went to load saves in-game either. The previous save I tried to overwrite just loads back to its prior save point before I tried to overwrite it.


I reverted to my last autosave before the somnium and it seems to be able to create and overwrite saves fine there, but again, not in the somnium. Kind of gave me a mini heart attack because I thought my PS4/HDD was dying, but it's only happening in this game, and only on this one section. My main concern is if I continue to have save issues beyond this point in the game,


Anyone know what's up with this?


Edit: So I got past the somnium, and can now save normally again, including overwriting the saves that were previously having issues. Searching for error CE-33105-2, a good chunk of the results were actually related to this game, seems this is actually a known thing for this particular somnium.


For future reference for anyone who might stumble upon this with the same issue, don't save while in the somnium. If you do and find you can't overwrite the file that previously had issues while in the somnium, just create a new save. I personally didn't have issues but I did re-save them after loading the previous autosave and didn't touch the saves again at all until I completed the somnium. Kinda sucks that you can't save during it because it's one of the longer and more confusing somniums in the game as well.

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