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With the recent announcement of the AC Brotherhood and Far Cry 2 shutdowns, it seems like Ubisoft is in the process of axing all their PS3 servers. This might be overthinking it, but it's safer to assume that Ubisoft is getting rid of their PS3-era servers.


If you have this game on your profile, and you think there's even a chance you want the platinum, get to work on the online challenges IMMEDIATELY!!! If Ubisoft were to announce a server shutdown for this game, chances are you probably won't have enough time to finish it due to the "Truly awesome!" trophy. I wouldn't bother starting this version if you haven't already for this reason.


This warning also applies to the PS Vita version, but that version also has a very, very difficult online trophy that cannot be boosted, so it's not worth starting if you haven't already.



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For context for those who haven't seen the other information:


This link (https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Article/000064576) says the servers for Ubi games like AC Brotherhood are already closed. (They're not.)


and this link (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/1241617-Online-Services-Update-Masterlist-Forums) has generally been accurate about which servers close and when.

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