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Header picture not appearing


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As I'm playing Remember Me at the moment I thought I'd check some trophy stats for it and came across a bug. The header appears on my profile as the last game played and when I click the game to check my trophies earned the header is still there. Here's where the problem is though. While you're on the trophies section it's there, as with the trophy guide. However it isn't there if you check the leaderboard, 100% club or platinum club (it reverts to the default picture each time). Now I know the header picture was changed when the forums got the recent "lick of paint", so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. I also haven't noticed it happening with any other game (yet).




EDIT: OK, doing a quick check down my profile I have noticed it with a bunch of other games.


eg. Sound Shapes (all 3 versions)

      Gravity Rush

      Need For Speed: Most Wanted (both versions)

      Tomb Raider

      Assassin's Creed III


Obviously I'm not gonna check them all, but it proves it's not just confined to one game.

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You need to be out and about Steve. Stop sitting at home and checking your......ummm.... "profile" out. It's as big as it will ever get. :awesome:


Get outside,there has to be some sheep that wants to snuggle with you for a night or two. :wave:


Just some advice from a friendly troll B)

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