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King's Quest Epilogue (PS3) Missing?


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Hi, I have a question. I just purchased King's Quest Complete Collection for PS3. I just got all 5 chapters except for Epilogue. It says in the Playstation store on PS3 that it includes Epilogue along with all 5 chapters. But I don't know where is Epilogue for the game since I purchased the Complete Collection last week and it's the only way to get Epilogue of this game. Can someone help me out with the Epilogue part? I'm talking about the PS3 Digital Version, not the PS4 Version. Reply Me Soon. See you later.

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In the UK it is bundled as part of King's Quest: The Complete Collection.  It is not included with the Season Pass though.  It can also be purchased individually (same goes for Chapters 2-5 with Chapter 1 being free) as King's Quest: Epilogue for £7.99.


However it is indeed not showing up on the US PS3 PlayStation Network store.  We can only get it on the King's Quest: The Complete Collection (great value at $29.99).  It is also the same as the UK/EU version where the Season Pass ($24.99) does not include the Epilogue.



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