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So I discovered a glitch to keep the diamonds you receive after you do the Warlord glitch, which will allow you to complete whatever weapon manuals you want at any time and possibly save you maybe a few hours of time. The amount of time you can save is dependent on how efficient you are with completing all the different manuals. This obviously will be most efficient if you are doing the Warlord glitch BEFORE any other trophies in the multiplayer. The steps go as follows:

  1. Do the Warlord glitch correctly
  2. Load into a game with your friend who you joined
  3. While in-game, slot ALL diamonds into your classes before you spawn in
  4. Once you have done that, spawn into the game and earn enough XP to level back up to level 1. (this is dependent on how much excess XP you earned while trying to go for the Warlord glitch. If you earned too much excess XP you might not be able to offset your negative XP to get to level 1).

If you have done everything correctly, when you reach level 1 you will lose the 11 extra diamonds in your inventory BUT the 18 diamonds that have been slotted in should stay in. I can validate the method works as I have walked multiple people through the exact steps and they have kept their diamonds as well as doing it to myself (although via accident). Shoutout to @Natural910Yeah for being my guinea pig by doing the Warlord glitch and then subsequently following the steps above. Please leave comments below if you were also able to replicate this method to help others who want to do the glitch.


Edit: This also could be beneficial for people who want to do the Warlord glitch AFTER they unlock the Mercenary trophy (level 20), as doing the Warlord glitch after reaching rank 20 requires you to leave one diamond unslotted, meaning you can not complete manuals for that weapon yet. It is beneficial because you can have all diamonds to unlock the weapons that you were not able to complete before doing the glitch. This will save you time by not having to play a few extra games just to rank up a few times to unlock the weapons to finish the manuals.

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I can confirm this works as described. Thank you!


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