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Did I mess up?

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For my first play through I played completely blind on Standard (Normal) difficulty. I only spent Lei on the 2 or 3 storage upgrades you can get, I saved a completion save too. I just did a under 3 hour, 4 or less heals, spending less than 10k Lei, knife only. But I didn’t realize until 45 minutes in that I hadn’t overwritten my previous completion save. Does that mean that I basically screwed my self out of hundreds of thousands of Lei? I still got the completion points for that run, but now I don’t have all that Lei… 

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Just now, OmegaRejectz said:

Yeah, I chose New Game instead of Load Game > Completed Save.

Yeah, just reload completed save. New game is clean slate, you start with nothing. To carry over you need to load the save :) I saw quite few people confused by it, Capcom could make separate NG+ option to reduce confusion

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