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Question about chapter select


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I just finished my first run on normal, am I supposed to do my second run on professional through chapter select or new game?


I assume I have to do chapter select to keep my upgrades, but will I still get the trophies and earn more money through chapter select?

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I know this post is more than two years old but I had the same question while playing the game, so if anyone else wonders :


You can just load the agent file that you used to complete the game previously, select professional difficulty and finally select the first "real" level (A Vintage Year). There's no need to do the tutorial again.


Mission progression, upgrades, unlocked weapons and money are not shared between difficulties, even within the same agent file. For example, you can complete the whole game on normal with your agent "XYZ", thus giving you access to every mission in chapter select. As soon as you switch to Pro difficulty with that agent, though, you'll only get access to the first mission, the tutorial and the hideout. You lose all your money and upgrades also. So it's not really NG+, you have to start over from scratch.


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