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ive just completed the game following the steam guide




however i didnt get this one trophy. therefore also missing 1 scene and 1 cg image. someone else in the guides comments also said he was missing this trophy/epilogue after following the guide.


does anyone have any guides or ideas on how to get this trophy? any help is greatly appreciated!

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Did you ever figure out how to get these? I plan on starting this game soon, using the exact same guide you linked. Can't really seem to find any other good guides, the one on PS3Imports has some severely broken formatting and is for the Japanese language version of the game, so I'd imagine it'd be impossible to follow when playing in English.


Edit: Since OP never replied, and in case anyone else comes across this with the same question...


I haven't 100% completed/platinumed this game yet, but I've been following the linked guide to a T and just got the trophy in question with no issues. So not sure why OP was missing this trophy. If anyone is having the same issue, the trophy is earned during the the Double/D route's true ending epilogue, so try replying that ending, perhaps start from the beginning of the D route to be safe, and be sure to follow the linked guide for it exactly.

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