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auto pop from ps5 to ps4?

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I'm also wondering about this since I just got a PS5 and transferred my game data but I still have a few trophies left to grab. Based on how you transfer the data from the PS4 to the PS5, I would guess the PS4 trophies would NOT pop if you got any new trophies on the PS5 and that the most efficient way to finish up the trophy lists would be to get the Plat on PS4 and re-import the save file to the PS5. Have you (the OP) or anyone else been able to figure this out for sure?

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I have a similar issue. Can you manually Import the PS5 Save to the PS4? I started with the PS5 Version and played around 15h. I might consider redoing everything on ps4, but before i need to know if a save Transfer from ps5 to ps4 will work? I still need to do all Gaps and Hard Get Theres...I did 100% for created Skater and 2 Pros.


Edit: I tried it with the Back Up saves from the PS5 and copied them all on an USB Stick and put it in the PS4, but the ps4 can not find any save data.

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