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This game was released on PSVR first with a rough translation of what they intended for the trophies. When they released the game over a year later for Steam, they did a much better translation of what they wanted the user to do to unlock the trophies, and this is what each trophy actually entails:

Steam Darkness Rollercoaster Achievement List


With the recent update patch as of today, 7/1/2021, all trophies should be obtainable as intended according to that list.


The only set of trophies that will be hard legitimately are the Fantasy related ones. Bronze/Silver/Gold require 40%/60%/80% enemies shot down, and in the 20+ times I've run through that level through the various incarnations of patches and updates, I've only ever gotten around ~30%. The scores on levels like to glitch out sometimes after beating them, and will unlock all the score related trophies for the level when it does. In the 20+ runs of the Binary level I've done for example, I've never had the score not glitch out on me at the end. Space and Adventure are more or less normal, and 80% is doable on those levels.


To beat the Final boss on the Final Checkpoint level, you have to go into the alternate view, and hit the boss's glowing weak point from there, otherwise he's invincible.

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