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Playstation Plus Voucher code issues ! help


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Hey everyone!


i have this problem!! i bought Playstation plus from Amazone.co.uk


i live in Denmark, and i tried the code and it seems not to work??

is it Region lock?

When i enter the code it says invalid/Wrong number

Try it on Ps vita/ PS3 and SOny entertainment website,

whal shall i do please help me with tips?

SHould i send the Item back? to amazone?

contact sony????

Btw i already have Playstation plus Expire in may 2014






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you could ask @Askplaystation on twitter if you have that,, they will get back to you pretty quick.. i had the problem with a 7 day free ps plus code from my killzone game and turns out the 7 day code wont work if you already have ps plus.. so maybe your at your limit or something

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