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Tetragon question


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I know this game has just released. Just wondering if anyone is having any problems so far ? I completed the first world and received a trophy, but that world is showing padlocks on levels and showing as incomplete. There are also fragments in the game to collect. One early on just seems impossible to me. Perhaps I’m just not very good at it but still curious if anyone else is having some difficulties/issues with this game ?

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The game also started to crash on my PS5. The character animation and level objects would freeze and the screen would just go black but still hear the games audio. I deleted and reinstalled the game a few times and emailed the games developers but have heard nothing back as yet. 

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On 1/30/2022 at 5:00 AM, zizimonster said:

I noticed you have obtained the plat. Is it fixed now? :hmm:


There never was any bug / glitch. The game functions as it should. ;) It's a puzzle game...



Well... It's wrong to say the game functions as it should, but what they were talking about does work as it should. There's just some secrets in the game. As for if the game functions as it should, well, you will run into a lot of glitches. Having to reboot the game or retry levels, and the absolute worst is the very last level. That one got me infuriated!!

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