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TVC Bugs


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I've now had it happen during two boss fights, Imrod and Tarsus, where i'm fighting and my character locks up in a stick-up-the-as* pose and i can no longer attack. I figured out that by pressing "Options," returning to the main menu and loading back in you can reenter the boss fight with the ability working again.


I'm playing on PS4, game feels really buggy still. Just wanted to share in case this happens to anyone else.

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This happened to me when i used the axatana AXE special attack to finish the 1st phase of a boss, and can happen with normal enemies too.  In the final boss if you finish a phase with the special it softlocks the game by not spawning the next wave.

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Another one, made it all the way to the end, killed 3 of the 4 bosses and the last one just stayed as stone form. Quit/restart, fought them all again and won after wasting a ton of mortal tokens the first time. Such BS. 

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